Item Viewer


Item Viewer is a web app that uses the Real Items API to display items and memories that have been created via the API.

On the home page, there is an input field for entering an item ID. Clicking on VIEW ITEM takes the user to a detailed view of the item associated with that ID.

In the item view, the getItem query is called and the response data is used to populate the view.

If there are memories associated with an item, click VIEW MEMORIES to display them. This calls the listMemoriesByItemId query to retrieve memories associated with the item ID.

Here are some sample item IDs you can use to explore the app:


The demo app can only view items that were created by the API key that was used when building the app.

Source Code

The code used for this demo is split into two parts: backend and frontend. They are available on Github.

Follow the README instructions on each repo to get started.

Note that the repos are provided for demo purposes only. for production use, make sure that you take additional steps to secure your API key and prevent unauthorized access to your application, depending on your use case.

QR Codes

Since item IDs are unique, the URL for each item can be used to create QR codes.

Generate QR codes using a QR code generator library or an online QR code service.

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